14 - 17 November 2019




12 - 25 °C


50+ Haut-parleurs

WFAS 2019 TURQUIE / EC Meeting

Announcement of the Third Session of the Ninth Executive Committee of
World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies

Dear 9th Executive Committee of WFAS,

The 3rd Session of the 9th Executive Committee of WFAS is to be held 16:30-20:30 on 14 November 2019 (local time) in Kaya Palazzo Hotel, Belek, Antalya, Turkey. We hereby call for your attendance and your proposals to WFAS Secretary.

Please kindly note that WFAS 2019 International Symposium on Acupuncture-Moxibustion will open in the morning of 14 November 2019 in the same venue. It is strongly suggested you make arrangements in advance.

Centre de Congrès / Workshop

The workshops to be held within the scope of the WFAS Congress will be finalized on the basis of your request. You can apply for a preliminary request for workshops by clicking the button below. Finalized workshops registration fees and quotas will be announced on the Congress website.

Workshop Pre-Accession Form

WFAS 2019 TURQUIE / WFAS 2019 Symposium Mondial D’acuponcture et de Moxibustion

Chers confrères,

Nous sommes heureux de vous inviter au WFAS 2019 symposium mondial d’acuponcture et de moxibustion qui sera organisé entre les 14-17 novembre 2019 à Kaya Palazzo Belek Hôtel & Centre des congrès. Le thème du congrès de cette année  est « Acupuncture et Médecine complémentaire et alternative  Consensus International ».

Message de Bienvenue
Wfas 2019

Wfas 2019 - 001

Wfas 2019

Wfas 2019

Centre de Congrès / Kaya Palazzo Hôtel Belek - Antalya - TURQUIE

Adresse: Kadriye Bölgesi, Üçkum Tepesi Belek – Antalya / TURQUIE

Kaya Palazzo Hotel Belek qui a ouvert ses portes en 2013 est à une distance de 3 km du centre-ville de Belek, à 27 km de l’aéroport international d’Antalya et 35 km du centre-ville d’Antaya.

Congress Venue

WFAS 2019 TURQUIE / Programme


Opening Speech Dr. Murat Topoğlu
Opening Speech Prof. Dr. Baha Çelik
Opening Speech Liu Baoyan
Opening Speech Yang Longhui
Opening Speech Prof. Dr. Ahmet Y. Müslümanoğlu
Opening Speech Dr. Tayfun Kanat
Opening Speech Dr. Gerd Ohmstede
Acupuncture and Complementary Medicine Policies of the Turkish Ministry of Health From Yesterday and Today Dr. M. Zafer Kalaycı
Opening Lecture: Ear Acupuncture Terry Oleson


Laser Acupuncture Prof. Gerhard Litscher
Understanding Allergic Rhinitis and its Treatment With Acupuncture Dr. Charles Buck
  Dr. Mike Cumming
  Prof Liang Fanrong
  Prof Yang Jinsheng
Systemic Effect of Acupuncture Prof. Dr. Kemal Nuri Özerkan


 Treatment Of Endocrinological Diseases in Acupuncture

The Treatment of Metabolic Syndrom Dr. Thomas Braun
Acupuncture and Neural Therapy in Metabolic Syndrome Dr. Demet Erdoğan
Evaluation of Patients Receiving Acupuncture Treatment for Obesity Dr. Hayriye Alp
Abdonominal Acupuncture on Losing Weight Prof. Dr. Aldo Liguori Italy
According to TCM five elements  or four elements ? Dr. E. Hakan Eraltan
Acupunture Anotomy & Kalaycioglu's Theories Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kalaycıoğlu
Acupuncture experiences regarding oncology and lenitherapy in Public Hospitals in Italy Dr. Franco Cracolici
Acupuncture treatment and the risk of urinary tract infection in stroke patients: a nationwide matched cohort study Chun Chuan SHIH
The Beneficial Treatments of Qing Yan Li Ge Tang Decoction in Respiratory Diseases: A reprospective study. Ching-Huey Yang

Laser Acupuncture

The Effectiveness of Laser Acupuncture in Treatment of Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): A Case Study Dr. Abbas Ansari
Laseracupuncture and Photobiomodulation in Female Infertility Dr. Michael Weber
Uniting Eastern and Western Medicine: New Options for treatment by laseracupuncture Dr. Michael Weber
The Advantages of Laser Acupuncture in Obesity Therapy Wen-Long HU

 Microsystems in Acupuncture

Scalp Acupuncture in the New Cerebellum Area Dr. Andrew Wu
Diagnosis of pathological changes and rehabilitation of patients after a stroke using corpora, auricular and scalp acupuncture, and many other diseases. Anatomical and physiological substantiation of auriculodiagnostics of various diseases, comparison with modern methods Prof. Dr. Olga Kovalenko
Application of the Chinese scalp acupuncture technique in the treatment of hemiparesis in patients post ischemic stroke: Clinical case. Dr. Camille Egidio
The Japanese Traditional Acupuncture and Moxibustion; the current situation and history overview. Dr. Sho YOKOYAMA
Acupuncture is a Magnetic Phenomenon Dr. Nimetullah Reşidi
YNSA Micro Acupuncture Technics Dr. Levent Tekçi
The Japanese Traditional Acupuncture and Moxibustion; the current situation and history overview. Dr. Shuichi KATAI

 Traditional Chinese & Modern Complementery Medicine

The research model of Traditional, Complementary and Integrative Medicines in discussion. Prof. Dr. Ramón Mª CALDUCH
Kan Li Method of Acupuncture, balancing Water an Fire Dr. Reginaldo Filho
TCM in Evidence-Based Medicine - traps and proposals Prof. Dr. Marek Kalmus
Is Integrative Medicine the future of TCM in the Europe? Prof. Dr. Marek Kalmus
Application of Wen’s Modern Acupuncture Prof. Dr. Tsung Kai Wen
The Use of Five Elements Theory in Treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine Dr. Fatih Akçal
Effect Mechanism of Acupuncture and Micro Inflammation Prof. Dr. Cemal Çevik
Akupunkturun Bilimsel Alt Yapısına Yaklaşım; Primovasküler Sistem ve Fasyoloji Prof. Dr. Ali Yılmaz
Literatürlerle GETAT Uygulamaları Prof. Dr. Ali Yılmaz
TCM Therapy in Shock Treatment Dr. Andrew Wu

 Acupuncture Treatment for Locomotor Diseases

Importance of Acupuncture in Physical and Rehabilitation Prof. Dr. Baha Çelik
Acupuncture as Complementary Therapy in Musculosceletal Degeneration Dr. Koosnadi Saputra
New Acupuncture Points – Neck and Upper Back Stiffness Points Dr. Andrew Wu
Discovering and Acupuncture Ashi Points paravertebral Dr. Thomas Meyer
Fibromiyalji Hastalarında Akupunkturun Yeri Doç. Dr. Fatma Gülçin Ural

 Acupuncture Use for Infertility

Acupuncture for pregnant women, one example: Dynamic dystocia’s Dr. Denis Colin
The evaluation of acupuncture on reproductive outcome on the oocyte retrieval in IVF Cui Shuli
Treating male fertility problems with acupuncture Dr. Olivia Krammer Pojer
Our strategies of infertility treatment with acupuncture and TCM, supporting  methods and strategies of Western reproductive medicine Dr. Jessica Noll
Enhancing Fertility in Men Through Acupuncture Dr. Juliana Tjandra
İnfertilite ve Invitrofertilizasyonda Akupunktur ve Nöralterapi’nin yeri ve etkinliği Dr. Demet Erdoğan

 Moxibution and Cupping Therapy

Clinical Study on Relationship between Fading Change of Cutaneous Hyperemia-erythema after Cupping on Back-shu Acupuncture Points and Serum Cholesterol /HDL-C Ratio level Youhong HOU
Cupping and Complementary Medicine Combination Dr. Turanşah Tümer

 Acupuncture in the Treatment of Addictions

The Effectiveness of Acupuncture in the Absence of Placebo. Dr. Donnchadh Lawler
Smoking Addiction and Acupuncture Prof. Dr. M. Tuğrul Cabıoğlu
Acupuncture in Dendistry Dt. Tijen Secerli Dürer

 Pediatric Acupuncture

Ancient Medical Gift for Modern Childrens Wellness Prof. Dr. Steven K.H Aung

 Acupuncture and Pain Treatment

Postoperative Pain Managment with Acupuncture Prof. Dr. İlhan Öztekin
Motion Acupuncture for Musculoskeletal Pain Prof. Dr. Decheng Chen
Long-Term Results of Lumbar Hernia Treatment in Acupuncture Dr. Bülent Özdemir

 Neurological Disorders and Acupuncture

Tinnitus: acupuncture treatment Dr. Franco Cracolici, Dr. Giulia Braccesi
Recompilation of various researches on the underlying mechanism of acupuncture and their relation with diverse neurological areas Dr. Enrique Antonio Blanco
Effect of Acupuncture in Bell's Palsy:  Case series. Uzm. Dr. Evren Kul Panza
Acupuncture And The Brain From Neuroscientific Perspective Prof. Dr. Şükrü Torun
Acupuncture Approach in Migraine Uzm.Dr. Ali Doğan

 What is the future of Acupuncture?

Wellness Acupuncture: Needles for Healthy Living Prof. Dr. Steven K.H Aung
International Clinical Practice Guidelines for Acupuncture Dr. Arne Klausland
The WHO ICD 11 contributions to scientific evidence in Acupuncture. Prof. Dr. Ramón CALDUCH
The importance of scientific evidence in the 'International Consensus on Acupuncture and Complementary Medicine'. Prof. Dr. Ramón CALDUCH
Pharmacupuncture From The Viewpoint Of Pharmacognosy Ecz. Dr. Murat Zor
The Importance of Complementary Medicine in Classical Medicine in the 21st Century Dr. Şuayip Dağıstanlı
The Japanese Traditional Acupuncture and Moxibustion; the current situation and history overview. Dr. Sho YOKOYAMA

 Psychiatric Diseases and Acupunture

Stress and Integrative Medicine Dr. Aurelia Guzzo, Dr. Alessandra Franco


 Biotheraphy (Maggot Therapy and Hirudotherapy)

Tıbbi Sülüklerle Akupunktur Tedavisi Dr. Batu Bayar
Plastik Cerrahide Sülük Tedavisi Prof. Dr. Kosta Y. Mumcuoğlu
Dünyada Maggot Tedavisi Prof. Dr. Kosta Y. Mumcuoğlu
Maggotlarin Yara İyileşmesindeki Etkileri Prof. Dr. Ayşegül Taylan Özkan


Ağrı Tedavisinde Hızlı Bir Yaklaşım; HYT; Hipnotik Yeniden İşleme Tekniği Dr. Haluk Alan
Fobilerde Hızlı ve Bütüncül Yaklaşım; Hipnotik Yeniden İşleme Terapisi Dr. Haluk Alan
AUCH metodunda kullanılan otohipnoz tekniği ile Soliman El Akupunkturunun benzerliği Dr. Ali Özden Öztürk

 Phytotherapy & Aromatherapy

Pediyatride Üst solunum yolu ve alerji hastalıklarında kanıta dayalı fitoterapi Dr. Ahmet Aydınalp
Phytotherapy on Scientific Base Prof. Dr. İlkay Erdoğan Orhan
Oksidatif stres faktörleri ve hormetik etkileri Prof. Dr. Abdürrahim Koçyiğit
Quality Control and Standardization in Phytotherapeutics Prof. Dr. Murat Kartal
Phytopharmacy Practice in Turkey and in the World Prof.Dr. Emine Akalın Uruşak
HPA Aksı Düzenlemede Aromaterapi (Stres, anksiyete, depresyon) Uzm.Ecz. Hülya Kayhan
Mikrobiyota / Beslenmenin Bakteriyel Epigenetiğe Etkileri Prof. Dr. Zeynep Vidinli Sümer

 Ozone Therapy

Bel Boyun Fıtıklarında Diskoliz (Intradiscal Ozon Enjeksiyonu) Prof. Dr. Nurettin Lüleci
Experimental and Clinical Approach on Ozone Therapy Prof. Dr. Celalettin Avni Babacan
Osteoartritlerde Intraartkilüler Ozon ve PRP Kullanımı Uzm. Dr. Lale Yeprem


Palyatif Tedavide Homeopatinin Yeri Dr. Altunay Ağaoğlu
Holistik Yöntemlerin Hasta Yaklaşımında Homeopati ile Entegrasyonu Dr. H. Gökhan Şentürk
Kanser Hastasına Homeopatik Yaklaşım Dr. H. Gökhan Şentürk

 Osteopaty, Chiropractic, Reflexotherapy, Manuel Therapy, Kinesiology

Kas İskelet Sistemi Problemlerinde Reflexology Uzm. Dr. Hicran D. Uşan
Chiropractic Management of Disc Herniations Dr. Ali Donat
Nörophysiological Effects of Spinal Manipulation Dr. Mustafa Hulusi Ağaoğlu
Akupunktur ve manuelterapi uygulamalarında  nörofizyolojik mekanizmalarda benzerlikler Prof. Dr. Cihan Aksoy

 Neural Therapy

Migren ve Gerilim Tipi Baş ağrılardında etkin Nöralterapi + Akupunktur Kombinasyonu Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Nazlıkul


Postur ve Proloterapi Dr. Hasan Doğan

 Quantum, Psychoneuroimmunology, Bioresonance

Allergy and Smoking Treatment with Bioresonance Method Dr. Sinan Akkurt


Yaşlanma karşıtı mezoterapi uygulamaları Dr. Ahmet Atalık
Saç dökülmelerinde ve bölgesel zayıflama(selülit) da Mezoterapi Dr. Ahmet Atalık

 Cupping Therapy

Hastalarda Hacamat Uygulamasının Oksidatif Stres Markerları üzerine Etkileri Dr. Harika Tercan


Müzik ve ritmin ağrı ile ilişkileri (interaktif uygulamalı sunum) Dr. Şerafettin Özdoğan


Acupuncture on Losing Weight Dr. Murat Topoğlu
Ear Acupuncture Dr. Terry OLESON – USA
Ear Acupuncture (Kulak Limbik Projeksiyonu) Dr. Ayfer Kuzulugil
Cosmetic Acupuncture Dr. Asuman Kaplan Algın
Laser Acupuncture Dr. Michael WEBER – Germany
3 Cycle Acupuncture Prof.Dr. Cemal Çevik
Microcolon Acupuncture Prof.Dr. Cemal Çevik
Smoking Cessation with Acupuncture Application Prof. Dr. Tuğrul Cabıoğlu
Acupuncture and Neural Therapy Dr. Demet Erdoğan
Tamamlayıcı Tıp Tedavilerinde Spesifik Noktaların Önemi ve Omura Testi Prof. Dr. Kemal Nuri Özerkan
Biological Clock Method in Acupuncture Dr. Nimetullah Reşidi
Acupuncture and Manuel Muscle Test (Kinesiology) Dr. Hakan Eraltan
YNSA Acupuncture Dr. Levent Tekçi
Apitherapy Dr. Ali Timuçin Atayoğlu
Biorezonans-Acufrequency Dr. Sinan Akkurt
Chiropractic Dr. Mustafa Ağaoğlu
Dr. Ali Donat
Hirudotherapy Dr. Batu Bayar
Homeopathy & Pediatry Dr. Altunay Ağaoğlu
Hypnosis Dt. Eşref Müezzinoğlu
Hypnosis - Hipnoz ve Akupunkturun İlişkisi Dr. Ali Özden Öztürk
Hypnosis – HYD (Hipnotik Yeniden İşleme Terapisi) Dr. Haluk Alan
Maggot Therapy Prof. Dr. Kosta Y. Mumcuoğlu
Prof. Dr. Ayşegül Taylan Özkan
Prof. Dr. Uğur Uslu
Mesotherapy (Yaşlanma Karşıtı-Estetik Mezoterapi ) Dr. Ahmet Atalık
Mesotherapy Dr. Bülent Özdemir
Moxibution and Cupping – Kupa Hacamat ve Getat Kombinasyonları Dr. Turanşah Tümer
Musicotherapy Prof. Dr. Şükrü Torun
Neural Therapy Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Nazlıkul
Osteopatyh for Chronic Pain Management Uzm. Dr. Hicran UŞAN
Ozone Therapy and Endications Uzm.Dr. Lale Yeprem
Phytotherapy Prof.Dr. Hayriye G. Saltan İşcan
Prolotherapy Dr. Hasan Karaağaç
Prolotherapy - Lumbosakral Sorunlarda Proloterapi Dr. Hasan Doğan
Prolotherapy Uzm.Dr. İlker Solmaz
Quantum Tıp Yöntemi Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kalaycıoğlu
Ayurveda Dr. Ender Saraç

MESSAGE / Message Du President

Dr. Murat Topoğlu

Chers confrères,

En 1984, j’étais en dernière année à la Faculté de Médecine à l’Université Dokuz Eylül. Jusqu’à ce moment je voulais devenir Chirurgien Plastique, devinez ce qui s’est passé ? Lorsque j’étais en dernière année, le département de Dermatologie a invité pour une série de séminaires le doyen Prof. Dr. Johannes Bischko, que nous avons perdu, qui était à l’époque le Président de l’Institut Ludwig Boltzmann en Autriche. J’étais parmi les participants à ces séminaires. Lorsque Bischko expliquait la thérapie de la migraine avec l’acupuncture, a montré les images avant et après avec les thermographies dont l’utilisation avait été commencée en médecine. J’étais tellement impressionné que ce jour-là que j’ai dit vouloir pratiquer l’acuponcture. C’est comme ceci que ma passion pour l’acuponcture a commencé.


HAUT-PARLEUR / Conférenciers du Congrès

Uzm.Dr.Nüzhet ZİYAL Ph.D

Honorary President of Turkish Society


Prof. Baha Çelik

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Specialist & Acupuncturist


Prof. Dr. Cemal Çevik

Head of Ankara Acupuncture and Complementary Medicine of The Assoiation


Prof. Liu Baoyan

WFAS President


Dr. Terry OLESON



Prof.Dr. Aldo Liguori

Acupuncture and Pain


Dr. Denis Colin

Président du CFA-MTC


Michael WEBER, M.D.

Laser Acupuncture


Prof. Dr. Ramón Mª CALDUCH

Characteristics and trends of global clinical research in acupuncture


Gerd Ohmstede

President ETCMA


Dr. Charles Buck

Chairman of The British Acupuncture Council


Steven K. H. Aung

Clinical Professor, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry


Dr Mike Cummings

Medical Director of the British Medical Acupuncture Society (BMAS)


Juliana Tjandra, S.Kom.,MM

Vice President of WFAS


Prof. Dr. Gerhard Litscher

Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine


Dr. Reginaldo Filho

Presidente da Faculdade EBRAMEC


Dr. Thomas BRAUN

The Treatment of metabolic Syndrom


Dr. Olivia Krammer-Pojer

President of OGKA (Austrian Acupuncture Society)


Prof.Dr. Franco Cracolici

Vice President of Italian Federation of Acupuncture Society


Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kalaycıoğlu

Biruni Üniversite Hastanesi - Anatomi Uzmanı


Marek Kalmus, PhD

Honorary President of Polish Society of TCM


Dr. Arne Kausland

Norwegian Acupuncture Association


Camille Elenne Egídio

Executive President Instituto Long Tao


Prof. Dr. Olga Kovalenko

President of the Ukrainian public organization Ukrainian Association of Reflexotherapy and Medical Acupuncture


Bhupinder Kaur

Master and Gold Qualified In Sujok &Triorigin Acupuncture


Prof.Dr. M. Tuğrul Cabıoğlu

Ankara Akupunktur ve Tamamlayıcı Tıp Derneği 2. Başkanıdır


Prof. Dr. Shuichi KATAI

President, Japan Traditional Acupuncture and Moxibustion Society (JTAMS)



MSc, Board Member of JTAMS, Director of AIM Acupuncture and Moxbustion Clinic in Japan


Prof. Dr. İlhan Öztekin

İstanbul Akupunktur ve Tamamlayıcı Tıp Derneği Başkanı


Dr. Kanat Tayfun

Sağlık Bil. Üni. Bağcılar Eğ. ve Araştırma Hastanesi






Le symposium sera réalisé entre 14 - 17 novembre 2019.      
Kaya Palazzo Hôtel Kadriye Mahallesi, Üçkum Tepesi Mevki,, 07506 Belek - Antalya
La température attendu à Antalya au mois de novembre est au minimum de 12 °C, de maximum 25 °C.

Le transfère en sens unique de l’aéroport-hôtel ou de l’hôtel-aéroport pourra être organisé contre un paiement de 50 €pour les participants ayant indiqués au Secrétariat de l’organisation les informations de vol. Pour l’organisation du transfère vous pouvez prendre contact avec le Secrétariat de l’organisation à l’adresse
Les  zones de stand et d’exposition  des sociétés de l’industrie pharmaceutique, des sociétés de la médecine alternative et des sociétés d’appareillage seront au service des participants entre 09 heures- 19 heures.
Turkish Airlines is the official airline of WFAS 2019 International Symposium on Acupuncture - Moxibution” and special discounts are offered on certain booking classes. In order to proceed with the online booking tool for Turkish Conventions please visit the Turkish Conventions website and use the event code 019TKH19 under delegate section.

NOUVELLES / Derniers Développements

Compagnie Aérienne Officielle du Congrès

Turkish Airlines est la compagnie aérienne officielle du «Symposium international WFAS 2019 sur l’acupuncture – Moxibution» et des réductions spéciales sont offertes sur certaines classes de réservation. Pour utiliser l’outil de réservation en ligne pour les conventions turques, veuillez consulter le site


Kadriye Mahallesi
Üçkum Tepesi Mevki
07506 Belek/Antalya
+90 (242) 710 40 00